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Relyon R1 16MM (Elongated)


✔️ The elongated design offers extended reach and precise control.
✔️ Vibration-dampening wrap reduces fatigue and strain for more comfortable play
✔️ T700 raw carbon fiber delivers powerful hits without the extra weight.

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Introducing the R1 Pickleball Paddle from Relyon Athletics – the trusty sidekick that's got your back and a few tricks up its sleeve. Its elongated design is like having an extra arm, so you can handle those challenging shots with a wink and a smile. Crafted from T700 raw carbon fiber, this thermoformed pickleball paddle packs a punch, delivering enhanced power without the unnecessary pounds. The high-density polypropylene core ensures a soft touch, precise control, and a playing experience as smooth as butter on warm bread. The octagon-shaped handle? It's like a trustworthy handshake, ensuring your grip is unwavering and steady. And that comfort grip? It balances cushioning and control like your favorite recliner. The vibration-dampening wrap kicks hand fatigue, wrist strains, and tennis elbow to the curb. USAPA-approved, the R1 paddle is your golden ticket to competitive greatness.

Thickness: 16 mm

Length: 16.5 in.

Width: 7.5 in.

Weight: 7.8 oz. to 8.1 oz.

Swing Weight: 119

Twist Weight: 5.91

Handle Length: 5.5 in. (140 mm)

Grip Circumference: 4.25 in.

Playing Surface: T700 Raw Carbon Fiber

Paddle Core: High-Density Polypropylene

Your 99-Day Money-Back Guarantee

At Relyon Athletics, we're confident in our products, so much so that we offer a 99-day Money-Back Guarantee on paddle orders placed on our website. If you're not happy with your paddle, return it within 99 days for a full refund, no questions asked. We'll likely ask for feedback to improve our products, but that's all.

Conditions for Returns

  • Paddles: You're covered for 99 days. If you're unhappy, send it back for a full refund.
  • Other Items (balls, apparel, etc.): These need to be new and unused for a return. You have 30 days from the purchase date to return them for a refund.

What Happens After 99 Days?

After 99 days, we assume you're enjoying your paddle. If you discover any defects in workmanship or materials within six months from the original purchase date, the paddle is covered by our limited warranty. This warranty is for the original buyer and doesn’t apply to replacement paddles.

Because Winning Feels Better Than Losing

The R1 features an elongated paddle that’s like a cheat code for reaching that game-winning shot. Crafted from T700 raw carbon fiber, the thermoformed playing surface delivers the perfect blend of strength and durability without adding weight. And the high-density polypropylene core provides a soft touch and improved control, taking your gameplay to a level that will leave your opponents scratching their heads (and rethinking their life choices).

Grip Like a Boss

Strap in, pickleball pros! The R1 pickleball paddle's octagon shape isn't just another geometric quirk; it's the unsung hero maintaining your grip game. Our comfort grip laughs in the face of discomfort, balancing cushioning and control like a zen master on a pickleball court. Say "buh-bye" to hand fatigue – the vibration-dampening wrap allows for extended play without straining your wrists or elbows, ensuring you remain at the peak of your game.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian W
Customer for life

I have been playing 4 years. I purchased the 16mm. The grip was an immediate perfect fit. The light weight allows me to return many more balls. My play has been very consistent. The price is right, too. I'm loving it.

Rachel W
Highly recommended and would purchase again

It was time to upgrade to a new paddle and I was so excited to get my 16mm control elongated paddle. I really loved the packaging and having a paddle cover.
I have noticed a difference in my game and the handle is the perfect width for a comfortable long game.
My kid has now decided it should be hers 🤣

Joel Padron
Very impressed! Would recommend

I decided to buy a new paddle for my brothers as they've improved. As a 4.5 player using a Selkirk Power Air, I wanted to get them a paddle they can use for years, especially as they improve.

I was blown away when I tested out the paddle myself. The topspin on this paddle is UNREAL! The raw carbon fiber lets you get the best topspin I've ever had after using several paddles up to $250. After 100s of attempts, I couldn't even come close to recreating that top spin. Incredibly powerful for your serve. I scored multiple aces in one game thanks to it.

My brothers IMMEDIATELY started hitting their best shots ever. Their forehand shots would now cut down perfectly and were significantly more offensive.

I was also blown away by how well the control and absorption was at the net. I was hitting incredibly powerful shots down the line, and they could defend and slow down the ball at a level they never could've with their old paddles.

Buy this paddle if you'd like to improve your game instantly. You can easily use this paddle as you develop and into tournaments.

Brett Janssen
Perfection in motion indeed

The quality of this product stands up to any top tier paddle on the market. Packaging is sleek and professional. The durability of the paddle has held up without a scratch after many high speed games. 10/10 recommend the R1 paddle, plus you are supporting small business!!

Relyon R1 16MM (Elongated)

Relyon R1 16MM (Elongated)


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